Thursday, 17 December 2009

Desmond Tutu On Cyprus By Christiana Voniati

Desmond Tutu On Cyprus By Christiana Voniati

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  1. Rev. Desmond Tutu is a genuine peace worker, and an honest human being. However, that does not mean that his approach is appropriate to the needs of our country. Also, it does not mean that he knows what he's talking about.

    Some remarks:
    o- Cyprus is under Invasion and Occupation, held by force under an illegal military regime engaged in genocide. Rev. Tutu did not mention this even once.

    o- The problem in our country is not in the least determined by supposed sentiments of resentment - our communities have lived side by side peacefully for hundreds of years, and have fought against injustice together with a unity always capable of surpassing any suspicion or "misunderstanding". But our problem is not the emotions between us. It is a military force holding our country.

    o- Efforts and emphasis on the supposed emotions of resentment (that do not exist) has been helping Imperialism to distract from our reality: Occupation.

    (continued below)

  2. (continued from above)

    o- Even after being separated artificially for decades, and by a line of minefields and machinegun nests, our two communities found each other again when the check points opened, and the joy of reunion immediately showed that there is neither a "wall of hatred" between us, nor did any friction or violence occur since that time indicating otherwise: there is no obstacle or difference between our communities. What we have is Occupation.

    o- A focusing on "psychological" or "sociological" problems that supposedly exist among our people (while our tangible experiences prove they do not), is constantly being used by the particular global powers which are involved in the Ocuppation to avoid contributing to a lasting Peace through Justice.

    o- The Occupation of Cyprus is made possible by the use of US weapons and money. The Occupation regime is funded, armed and trained by the US.

    o- The Occupation regime is tolerated in the global scene, sustained and supported in its role as an agent of invasion and genocide by the evil axis of the US and United Kingdom who are also themselves engaged in occupation and genocide - partners in crime - all over the world.

    What we need is for the Occupation army to leave, for Occupation regime to dissolve, and for the people of the two communities of our island to be allowed to live in Peace again.

    Petros Evdokas,